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Can I run ProNFS (Network File Server Program) as a service in Microsoft Windows?

Available for download from Labtam is the new beta release of ProNFS which supports running ProNFS as a Service. The official release is planned for late February 2004.


Unzip the attachment and then add the file into your ProNFS home directory (default location: /Program Files/Labtam/ProNFS).

Then reboot your machine so that the new file gets registered.

Running it with the option '-RunAsExe' - you get the previous mode, i.e. ordinary application. You can use that mode in order to make all settings. (ie. sharing resources, setting permissions). Run it with option '-install' will include "XWP NFS server" into the list of services. You can start it then (via "ControlPanel->Services->Start") or stop.

As to automount, if the file system is not accessed within an appropriate interval (five minutes by default), the automountd daemon unmounts the file system.

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