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It seemed like my FTP server conflicted with your NFS-Server. I am using WarFTP server. Is there a known conflict between these two products?

Solution: As we know, WarFTP usually runs the 'portmapper' service daemon. You may check this by using the 'netstat a' command. If you see the TCP and/or UDP 'LISTEN' socket with '111' port number, then portmapper is active. If you see also the 'LISTEN' socket(s) with '2049' port number, then you have NFS-Server active (already!). The third important thing is the presence of the mountd 'LISTEN' socket(s). This service does not have a constant port number (it may be 1058, but not always).

Please also run the 'rpcinfo -p YourPC' command (where YourPC is the hostname or IP address of your PC with WarFTP) on any machine with UNIX-like system (Solaris, LINUX, AIX, OS/2). This command will show you all services that are registered in your WarFTP's portmapper. If you see the 'mountd' and do not see 'nfs' registered in the portmapper, then you can simultaneously use our NFS-Server with WarFTP. Simply run it as 'nfs_serv.exe -ExternalPortmapper'.

Before disabling WarFTP, please try to run our NFS-Server with the 'nfs_serv.exe -ExternalPortmapper' command. If you obtain problems, then you need to disable somehow the WarFTP's portmapper to use our NFS-Server.

In any case, you should worry if you see the TCP and/or UDP 'LISTEN' socket with '111' port number before you run our NFS-Server.

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