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I installed the NFS-Server and set "NFS User Access" to 'any-host, any-user, any-group can read/write'. After mounting the PC-local-disk (C:\temp) on the Linux-file-system (/usr1/temp), I (not root-user) can read the PC-files. But I cannot write (and create) any file on the NFS-mounted disk. Only the root-user can write files. We use "RedHat 6.0" Linux.

Solution: There are two ways to specify <User ID> and <Group ID>:

1) one recommended for "RedHat 6.0" Linux:

- mount a PC-local-disk (as root-user)
- change directory to the mount point
- run the command 'chown -R <User ID>:<Group ID> <mount point>' (for example, 'chown -R root:wheel /usr1/temp');

2) one recommended for Solaris.

To set up the UID and GID that the (Solaris) nfs-client will see, you can edit the file (in the ProNFS home directory). For example, the following lines:

d:\mnt\ 2603 1003 W 0
=>192.168.136.* 65535 65535 0

indicate that any host from the sub-network 192.168.136.* will be able to mount to 'd:\mnt', and UID and GID will be 2603 and 1003 after mounting (only digits are allowed here, not names. You can determine this by using the command 'id' on the UNIX box). By default, UID=0 and GID=1 (i.e., root).

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