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Industry consortium to guide
the future of the X Window System

Date: 20 May 1999

Menlo Park, CA., May 12, 1999

- X.Org, a newly formed organization of The Open Group, has today become
the official steward of the X Window System technology and the technical experts for the X Window System standards. Member companies include Compaq Computer Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, Hummingbird Communications Ltd., International Business Machines Corporation, SGI, Sun Microsystems Inc. and many others.

X.Org assumes the role of the world-wide X Window System technology and standards steward effective immediately. The Open Group will provide the legal, administrative and standardization infrastructure for X.Org, with X.Org and its members directing day-to-day activities and controlling the direction and future of
the X Window System technology. The organization is member-funded, dedicated to maintaining the existing X Window System code base and engineering appropriate enhancements driven by current and future market requirements. Further, X.Org is dedicated to increasing the awareness of X to the general public, corporate and
development communities and looks toward building a broadly-based active international membership.

'As the graphical interface on all UNIX and Linux systems in use today, the X Window System is one of the most successful interoperability technologies within Global 2000 corporations today.' says Gary Tyreman, Chair, X.Org. 'We aspire to advance the momentum of the X Window System in the corporate computing market by working closely with both the UNIX system and Linux communities.'

'The X Window System is the core technology of the Linux and UNIX system desktops. With the regaining of critical mass in the desktop market, indicated by the release of modern desktop applications and the recent release of the Gnome and KDE desktop environments for Linux and UNIX systems, the base X Window System technology must continue to improve and evolve to meet their needs. I am very happy to see X
development even more vibrant than it was in its early years. X.Org is one key component of maintaining and extending the technology on which the Linux and UNIX system desktops are based,' says Jim Gettys, one of the original X Window System developers.

'X.Org Members participate in the evolution of the X Window System by maintaining the stability of the code base while continuing to extend its capabilities, thereby supplying a superior windowing environment to the world. This provides immeasurable value for our customers,' says Garry Paxinos, Vice-President, Metro Link Inc.

'The Open Group is excited about working with X.Org members in their efforts to continue to develop X Window System standards and to provide support for this highly successful technology, ' stated Allen Brown, COO and acting president of The Open Group. 'The Open Group recognises the value of open source products
such as the X Window System and is happy to assist in its continued success.'

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