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Ordering and Buying System

Credit Cards: Instructions and information

1. Payment System

This is a fully secured area that uses Encryption technology to protect the information your about to enter.
Please note all information you will be entering in here will not be seen by anyone and that all information you enter will not be kept by us. As mentioned earlier our System uses no human interaction.

Please make sure that you enter all the correct information into the required fields. Please also make sure your Credit Card has available credit to handle the transaction.
You will be asked to enter in the following information:

1. Type of Credit Card (We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Discover Cards).
2. Name Appearing on the Card
3. Company Name (Optional).
4. Telephone Number
5. Fax Number
6. Street Address
7. City
8. State
9. Zip/Postal Code
10. Country

Please make sure that this information is correct.
This information is used a check to make sure your credit card does belong to you. This is to try and avoid fraudulent transactions going through. Your Billing Address must match the Credit Card. Please make sure all information is correct there.

11. Your Credit Card Number
12. Your Expiration on the Credit Card.
13. Your e-mail address where the copy of the credit card transaction will go to.
14. E-mail address where the license file of the product will go to.

Please note that once the payment is approved you will receive 2 e-mails from our systems. One being the copy of the credit card transaction and the 2nd being the installation instructions and license file (it will be attached in the e-mail).

Before Clicking on the submit button please make sure that in the list of Ordered Products the correct Product license files you want appear there.

Once you are satisfied all is correct please proceed with the submission. Please only press the "Submit" button once.

3. The Checking System

The approval process should take around 5 seconds.
Again please note that this is being done by different systems interacting with each other. Your Card information is being transmitted securely for approval.

There will be a screen appearing then telling you if the transaction went through or was declined. If it went through you will have an e-mails sitting in your e-mail box showing you the transaction details.

If your card was declined the system will tell you why your card was declined. Most common reasons for denial are as follows:

1. Wrong Card Number
2. Wrong Expiration
3. Wrong name appearing on card
4. Wrong Billing Address
5. Not enough Credit on the Card

4. License File Generation System

Once our system has an approval for funds from your credit card this system will then issue the product license files for your order. It will issue the Serial Number and the right amount of users. It will then zip up the license files and e-mail them along with a set of installation instructions to the e-mail address you nominated in the Payment form.

This process takes around 6 seconds.

Please check your e-mail box to find the license file and installation instructions there.

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