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ProFTP 1.2 - ftp client by Labtam

Date: 31 January 2000

This page describes the New Features of our ProFTP Product. After reading the documentation below, should you have any questions, please direct them to

Major differences from Version 1.0 to Version 1.2

Bugs that have been fixed on Version 1.2

Major differences from Version 1.0A to version 1.0

Undocumented Features

Known Problems

1. Major differences from the 1.0/Release:990907 version

The following enhancements have been made :

1.1. LPD server :
- the AIX "Rembak" print service may be used now(see below).
The sending "/usr/lib/lpd/rembak" binary file is be skipped;
- the "TextUnixToDos=..." setting provides the additional conversion
of receiving text-files from Unix to DOS end-lines format;
- the "FilterIsV=..." setting provides the "v" type
(i.e. no convertation) to ALL incoming data files;
- The ,"Courier New","Courier","" font face priority
is supported, where the is the font face name from
the "FontFace=..." setting of the ini-file (see below).
- The "Network Printers" using logic is changed. The "Refresh"
button (for network printers) is implemented. The list of network
printers is saved into ini-file and is not refreshed each time LPD
starts (only by "Refresh" button of the "Add Printer" dialog).

1.2. Installation procedure :
- the "Only Configure" Installation mode is added.
It is the "true" configuration-only mode.

1.3. Network support :
- the "virtual" local IP address may be set now (see below)
for TTSSH and other proxy-like cases.

2. The following bugs have been fixed :

2.1. Ftp :
- incorrect Y2K files date sorting on local side was fixed.
- incorrect processing of files/directories links with the '-' symbols
in names was fixed;
- incorrect processing of "dirname -> ." links was fixed;

3. Major differences 1.0/Release:990907 from 1.0A/Release:990518 version

The following bugs have been fixed :

3.1. Telnet :
- Fixed the incorrect change of the "AutoWrap" setting after
the "AT386" type choice.

3.2. Ftp :
- Fixed the incorrect files list display for some "VMS"-type hosts;

4. Undocumented Features

4.1. LPD server :
- the "EnableRembak=1" line into "[LPDAEMON]" section enables to use
the AIX "Rembak" print service.
- the "TextUnixToDos=1" line into "[LPDAEMON]" section provides
the Unix->DOS text conversion for text data files.
- the "FilterIsV=1" line into "[LPDAEMON]" section provides the "v"
(i.e. no convertation) to ALL incoming data files;
- The "FontFace=..." line into "[LPDAEMON]" sets the preferred
font face name.

4.2. Network support :
- the "[NETWORK]"/"MyIP=..." line provides
the "virtual" local IP address.

4.3. Telnet :
- the telnet.exe may be run with the "hostname" parameter
to avoid the necessity to enter the hostname interactively;

5. Known problems

5.1. Lpd :
- printers on the remote Windows NT 4 hosts
are unavailable from the local host with Windows NT 4 .

5.2. Uninstallation :
- uninstallation procedure does not remove components
which were installed in additional (non-first) installation
sessions. Such additional components must be removed manually.

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