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There are two possible ways to automatically start ProNFS.

1. Use NFS server as a classic Windows NT service.

You have to have administrative rights. Run 'nfs_ss.exe -install'. That includes a new service 'XWP NFS server'. Open 'Services' ( Control Panel--Computer Management--Administrative tools--Services ), find 'XWP NFS server' then open properties and select startup type Manual (by default) or Automatic (In last case service will start automatically on next system start). Run service ("Start" button). Before running the NFS-server as a service, you should run the "nfs_serv.exe -RunAsSettings" command and configure the exports of the NFS-server.

2. Use the ordinary nfs_serv.exe file, which can be run at the start time without users logging

Using 'regedit.exe' add a new key into:


Run [key]

xwp_nfsserver=/nfs_serv.exe /params [string value]

where params may be:

'RunOnTaskbar' for example

You can use this also on Win9x platforms.
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