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ReMapPro specifications

Date: 24 June 2002

ReMapPro is an integrated and powerful 32-bit software tool consisting of the following functional parts:

The Comport is a software program designed to convert serial (RS232) data to the TCP/IP packets format and TCP/IP packets to serial data. While running on your PC, the Comport can receive serial data from a COM port of your PC and then send them out to a TCP/IP network through a TCP/IP socket connection on your PC. The Comport can also receive serial data from a TCP/IP network through a TCP/IP socket connection on your PC and send them to a serial port on your PC.

The Comport makes serial data from your PC available on a TCP/IP network and makes the TCP/IP data available on serial ports of your PC. This makes it possible for any other computer on the same network to send and receive serial data through a remote serial port on the PC where the Comport is running. You can connect to the remote serial port by connecting to a TCP/IP port. The Comport can also be used to pass serial data across a corporate intranet or over the Internet.

You could connect a serial device to a COM port on your PC, run the Comport and then connect to the device from any other PC on your network through a TCP/IP socket connection. This would allow you to use Telnet or any other TCP/IP communications software to read or write to the serial device directly from any PC located on the same network.

Over TCP/IP-based networks, the Comport can function as a TCP/IP server or as a TCP/IP client. While running on your PC in the client mode, the Comport establishes a connection with a remote TCP/IP server and then transmits and receives serial data to and from that server. While running on your PC in the server mode, the Comport will establish a connection, and then transmit and receive serial data to and from a remote client upon the client's requests.

The Comport can be installed on several PCs simultaneously. This allows you to attach a serial device to one PC, have Comport transmit the data across your TCP/IP network to a second PC where another instance of the Comport would make the data available at a serial port. You can run the Comport as a server on one PC in a network and then run a second copy of it as a client on another PC connecting back to the first copy. Any data that goes in the serial port on the server end will go out the serial port on the client PC and vice versa.

A terminal server is a device that connects a serial instrument to a network and provides an I/O path to the device through a TCP/IP port. You can configure the Comport for several ports at a time and associate each serial port to a different TCP/IP port either as a TCP/IP client or as a server. The Comport can perform the same function as a terminal server except it runs on a PC with a network adapter and one or more serial ports.

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