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Labtam Inc. the maker of the world renowned SSHPro has released its 1st Service Pack for Version 1.3

Service pack for SSHPro V1.3

Date: 03/05/2002

Service pack release date: 03/05/2002

Who should download the Service Pack:

The service pack files are for users who have bought a SSHPro V1.3 license file. For users who have not bought the latest SSHPro V1.3 license file, please first buy an upgraded license file before downloading the server pack (either an Upgrade if you are an existing user and a new license if you are a new user).

SSHPro is a SSH client for Windows providing maximum security from PC to Host over a Company Lan/Wan/Intranet or Internet. It brings you Typical remote system administration, file transfers, and access to corporate resources over the Internet.

This Service Pack download contains support for SSH-2. It is a beta release of the SSH-2 implementation for the SSH (telnet_S program).


Includes files:

Installation instructions:

1. Users of SSHPro should unzip this Service pack into the home directory of SSHPro. Default location is \Program Files\Labtam\SSHPro

2. Then, please start a telnet session and select any interface:

3. If you want to change a forwarding for ssh-2 mode, you should edit the tsshpro.ini file and add to the section [tSSH2Pro] corresponding line:
DefaultForwarding=L25:RemHos:25;R6020:LocHos:6000 The Local port 25 forwards to the 25 port, the "RemHos" remote host, and the 6020 port of a remote host forwards to the 6000 port of the "LocHos" local host.

4. In the future, we will create the normal service for the SSH-2 mode.

We would appreciate any feedback you can give for this beta release service pack. Any features you would like to see, bugs your encounter or any difficulties you have, please e-mail us at Questions will be addressed promptly.

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