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Labtam Inc. the maker of the world renowned X-SecurePro has released its 2nd Service Pack for Version 6.2

Service pack for X-SecurePro V6.2: SSH-2 support.

Date: 03/05/2002

Service pack release date: 03/05/2002

Who should download the Service Pack:

The service pack files are for any registered user who has bought a X-SecurePro V6.2 license file. From the 11/05/01 to the 03/05/02. For users who have not bought the latest X-SecurePro V6.2 license file, please first buy an upgraded license file before downloading the server pack (either an Upgrade if you are an existing user and a new license if you are a new user).

This Service Pack download contains support for SSH-2. It is a beta release of the SSH-2 implementation for the SSH (telnet_S program).


Includes files:

Installation instructions:

1. Users of X-SecurePro should unzip this Service pack into the home directory of X-SecurePro. Default location is \Program Files\Labtam\XSecurePro

2. Then, please start a telnet session and select any interface:

3. If you want to change a forwarding for ssh-2 mode, you should edit the tsshpro.ini file and add to the section [tSSH2Pro] corresponding line:
DefaultForwarding=L25:RemHos:25;R6020:LocHos:6000 The Local port 25 forwards to the 25 port, the "RemHos" remote host, and the 6020 port of a remote host forwards to the 6000 port of the "LocHos" local host.

4. In the future, we will create the normal service for the SSH-2 mode.

We would appreciate any feedback you can give for this beta release service pack. Any features you would like to see, bugs your encounter or any difficulties you have, please e-mail us at Questions will be addressed promptly.

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