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X-SecurePro Version 6.1 Service Pack

Date: 1 August 2001

Labtam Inc. the maker of the world renowned X-SecurePro has released its 1st Service Pack for Version 6.1

Service pack for X-SecurePro I

Service pack release date: 08/01/2001

Who should download the Service Pack:
The service pack files are for any registered user who has bought a X-SecurePro V6.1 license file. From the 04/30/01 to the 08/01/01.

Includes files: xwphelp.hlp - new renovated online help manual

Installation instructions:
Please download the corresponding service pack to your PC. Once downloaded please extract the containing files into the X-SecurePro home directory. Default directory: C:/Program Files/Labtam/XSecurePro/


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