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New feature of SSH based software by labtam Inc. - Dynamic Port Forwarding.

Date: 15 November 2001

The SSH Protocol has been around for a few years now. It is a secure way for connecting from a client to host machine. SSH has become quite popular with a lot of hosts/servers supporting this protocol.

We supply two different SSH based products. One being SSHPro which is a Standalone SSH client allowing a connection from a client to host machine. The second one being an X-Server package integrating SSH into it (named X-SecurePro).

We began using SSH through a Telnet client. This facility (Telnet_SSH) is a fully functional SSH-1 client. It is both distributed on both SSHPro and X-SecurePro software packages.

We are proud to announce a new, non-standard feature of our SSH client called Dynamic Port Forwarding. You don't need to provide anything to be able to use this feature. All you need to do is simply run our SSH client and connect to the necessary host via the SSH protocol. We have made this feature so that you don't have to be an experienced SSH user.

After the SSH connection is established, any other task may request the necessary forwarding via a special programming interface. Now there are three facilities that are able to use the "Dynamic Port Forwarding".

These being:
1. FTP
2. Startup
3. X-Server

Our FTP (in Passive mode only) works freely through walls of proxies and firewalls using any of the established SSH connections.

In some cases the use of our FTP and SSH client will be the only way for you to reach the necessary data files/directories.

You can look into the corresponding readme and help files, but typically (in all programs) you must check on the "Use SSH Connection" check box and choose the suitable SSH connection from the viewed list that suits you the best.

We are using FTP as an example because of the operation of FTP through SSH connection was an achievement and we are proud to inform you about this.

Our FTP also can operate through a SSH connection in non-Passive mode. This mode may be recommended only as extreme measure for now. Please look into the corresponding readme and help files to use this mode.

Note, that this mode has one advantage - you can use our FTP with any SSH client, because the described "Dynamic Port Forwarding" is unnecessary in this case.

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