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VPortPro Version 2.5: VportPro-client with Com Port Control.

Date: July 4, 2008

Labtam is pleased to announce a new software for VPortPro, now Version 2.5. This is the first major release for the 2008 year.

The main utility, the VPortPro Client, is included in the VPortPro package, makes serial (RS232) data from your PC available on TCP/IP-based networks and makes TCP/IP data available on virtual serial ports of your PC (i.e., VPortPro Client can create virtual serial ports on your PC and redirect them to remote TCP/IP ports and vice versa).

The VPortPro Client can also be used to pass serial data across a corporate intranet or over the Internet (using the Telnet protocol (with the features provided by the COM Port Control protocol specified by IETF RFC 2217) and the raw TCP connection protocol as well).

New Features on this release include:

1. Control API for Serial-Line Redirector Service:
- Implemented the Control API for Serial-Line Redirector (demo). Implementation examples both of usual API (to be used from user's C/C++ programs) and COM (OLE) interface (to be used from different procedures like Web, VBS, HTML, ...) are given.
You can do without the normal GUI interface of the packages when including them into your own software;
- The access via DCOM is also available now.

The following bugs have been fixed:

1. COM Port Redirector:
- the crash after 60-min completing may take place;

2. ComServ:
- some minor bugs were fixed;

3. COM Port Redirector and COM Port Redirector Service:
- the "IPv6 before IPv4" problem is fixed. (the Windows may translate the "localhost" as "::1","").

Please read more about VPortPro in product home section of Labtam Inc site.

Single User licenses are at $120.00 USD. Please visit the Software Pricing page for pricing on Multiple Licenses.

If at anytime you require any information or assistance please do not hesitate to e-mail us at:sales@Labtam-inc.com

Download and try VPortPro software for FREE.
Get FREE 30 day trial license to make deep software evaluation.


The programs associated in this package may send and/or receive broadcast IP requests. Since such packets cannot cross the nearest firewall/gateway/router, please be sure that these IP requests are invisible from outside your network. We assume that such behavior cannot be considered as "Hacking" or "Trojan horse's action".

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