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X-Server X-SecurePro.

Date: 19 April 2001

Bringing you the X-Window System to your PC desktop.

X-SecurePro is an X-Server product integrating the Microsoft Windows and X Window System environments using SSH to bring maximum security to any PC to Host connection. X-SecurePro is an inexpensive but effective way to transform a standard PC running under Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT and Windows 2000, into a full-function SSH X terminal. Being based on the TCP/IP and X Window System open standards, this package integrates a PC into an interoperable computer network. The network of dissimilar computers and operating systems becomes perfectly transparent for you. X-SecurePro enables on your PC's screen to work at once with several graphic applications securely (X clients), executed simultaneously on various network nodes. As a result, a heterogeneous network appears for you as a unified large computer system arranged directly on your desktop.

X-SecurePro is a simple but powerful 32-bit software package, which provides a cost effective way to transform your PC into a powerful Secure X Window System workstation. To get started, all you need is the X-SecurePro package and a standard 32-bit networked PC (386, 486 or Pentium) and Windows 3.1x, 95, 98, 2000 or NT. X-SecurePro provides full support for multiple X applications, sophisticated window managers, including TWM, FVWM, Motif, Open Look and desktops like CDE, KDE etc.. You have a consistent graphical user interface for all your applications, and get more productivity with less effort. Learning to work in a multiple-computer environment has never been easier. It is the most economical way to bring the Unix world into your day to day environment.

Everything you need is included on the X-SecurePro package

The X Window System, SSH, TCP/IP, NFS, FTP, TFTP and Telnet software are built and provided in the package. All that you need to run secure remote UNIX and X Applications is included within X-SecurePro. You operate simultaneously with X11, FTP and Telnet sessions and with your familiar MS Windows applications. That same efficient X-SecurePro package provides all the network protocols and utilities you need along with support for international keyboards, a wide range of fonts, printing services, etc. In brief - if you have the hardware we have the software. Alternately, you can use your existing protocols and solutions including the current TCP/IP stack and any familiar host based X fonts via X-SecurePro's X font Server. The keyboard configuration is also easy to alter to your needs.

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