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XLitePro Version 1.5 - XServer for windows

Date: May 9, 2005

Labtam is pleased to present a new software update for XLitePro now Version 1.5. This is the first major release for 2005.

Integrating the Microsoft Windows and X-Window System environments XLitePro is an inexpensive but powerful and effective way to transform a standard PC into a fully functional X-terminal.

Included in the package are the X-Window System, TCP/IP, TFTP and TELNET.

NOTES on this release (PLEASE READ):

1) Use the "setup -wauto -s" command line (instead of "setup -auto") to start the "Silent Installation" !

2) The Windows NT LPR printer driver is manually installed by running the self-extracting archive file, "lprd.exe".
This file can be found in the directory with the uncompressed package distributive.

New Features on this release include:

1. Startup:
- implemented the Telnet startup mode
- implemented the "-lxdn [<DisplayNumber>]" option to set up the "$(DISPLAYNUMBER)" macros (the "-lxdn" option means lookup running XServer)
In this case, XServer must already have been started

2. Telnet:
- Telnet can be started as a non-interactive session via the Startup facility
- implemented the "-mout [<outputfile>]" command-line option to provide a "readable" log-file for the session
- implemented the "-lxdn [<DisplayNumber>]" command-line option to set the "DISPLAY" session environment variable if a remote daemon supports it (the "-lxdn" option means lookup running XServer)
- Telnet understands the local XServer's "DynamicDisplayNumber" mode and correctly looks for the running XServer

3. XSetup:
- added the Portuguese (Brazilian) keyboard mapping file, "portbraz.kmf"

4. XServer:
- the XStartup and Telnet are invoked with the "-lxdn <DisplayNumber>" option (from the XServer's "Run" submenu)
- the last state of the "If Colormap Changed" setting in the XServer's "Options" submenu is saved for future sessions
- XServer/Multiple+RWM provides more convenient behavior of new windows including the XDMCP Logon window
- XServer/GLX/Mesa conforms to Mesa 6.2.1

5. X-Clients:
- added the "xmodmap" X-Client
- added the "glxinfo" and "glxgears" GLX X-Clients
- implemented the "libGL.dll", "libGLU.dll", "libGLUT.dll" and "libXI.dll" libraries to provide GLX X-Client's run-time environment

The following bugs have been fixed

1. Installation:
- the silent installation did not correctly use some saved installation parameters (i.e. the "Destination directory")

2. Telnet:
- more correct restarting to remove a possible "restart loop" and crash after the "password->"Disconnect" action

3. XSetup:
- removed some non-actual settings

4. XServer:
- XServer/Multiple+RWM incorrectly processed the disabling (from X-Client) of the shape region
- sometimes the XTRANS/accept() error code was processed incorrectly that led to unexpected error messages
- the composer key is accepted from the KeyPress moment (it was from the KeyRelease moment, that is not correct)
- reanimated the "Raise all windows" action in the XServer's menu
- fixed the possible incorrect processing of "shading"

Undocumented Features

1. Comsetup:
- implemented the "Auto-start XwpPeg Package Watcher" setting to provide the corresponding control of the XwpPeg facility

2. Startup:
- to input any text into the command line before its executing, the "$(INPUTLIP)" macros can be used. E.g., if the "Command" field contains the following line: "xterm -display $(INPUTLIP):0" then you will be prompted to input a text string (an IP address is assumed). If you enter "", then the resulting command line will be: xterm -display

3. XServer:
- the "DontUse_MOTIF_WM_HINTS=1" line can be inserted into the "[XSERVERdeb]" section of the xwp.ini file to prevent from processing the "_MOTIF_WM_HINTS" windows property
- the "DontCheckWM_SIZE_HINTSinc=1" line can be inserted into the "[XSERVERdeb]" section of the xwp.ini file to prevent from processing the "WM_SIZE_HINTS" windows property
- the "MyIP=?" line can be inserted into the "[NETWORK]" section of the xwp.ini file to allow the manual input of local IP address when XServer will be started
- the following options are applicable when the XServer's PC has more than one IP address. In this case, XServer will prompt you to choose one of them. The "SocketCreate_INADDR=." line can be inserted into the "[XDMCP]" section of the xwp.ini file to communicate with the XDMCP daemon via the IP address chosen. The "SocketCreate_INADDR=IP" assignment can be made to use the IP address specified to communicate with the XDMCP daemon (e.g. "SocketCreate_INADDR=")

Known problems:

1. Uninstallation:
- the uninstallation procedure does not remove components which were installed in additional (non-first) installation sessions. Such additional components should be removed manually

2. Lpd:
- printers on the remote MS Windows NT 4 hosts are unavailable from the local host under MS Windows NT4

3. XServer:
- drawing partial arcs can be very slow
- the CDE/XDMCP of the HP-U
X host can provide infinite waiting for connection. To avoid this, the new "HP" fonts alias directory should be included into the XServer FontPath
- the "Forced Backing
Store" setting can provide wrong screen re-displaying in some cases (e.g., Netscape scrolling)

Single User licenses are at $65.00 USD. Please visit the Software Pricing page for pricing on Multiple Licenses.

If at anytime you require any information or assistance please do not hesitate to e-mail us at: sales@Labtam-inc.com

Download and try XLitePro software for FREE. (Demo version runs 60 minutes at a time.)


The programs associated in this package may send and/or receive broadcast IP requests. Since such packets cannot cross the nearest firewall/gateway/router, please be sure that these IP requests are invisible from outside your network. We assume that such behavior cannot be considered as "Hacking" or "Trojan horse's action".

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