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Configuring a Network Printer

To configure a printer available on your network, click on the Configure Printer button. The Configure Network Printer dialog box will appear on your display:

Then you can add a new printer to the Network printer list, or remove a printer from the list.

To close the box, click on the Close button.

Adding a Network Printer

Before you add a remote printer to the Network printer list, you must define a server/printer combination to identify the printer. LPR stores all server/printer combinations you define in the Network printer list.

You can use the following items:


This field is used to specify a network name or IP address for the print server computer. When you click on the scroll arrow beside the Host box, a drop-down box will display host definitions stored in your hosts file. To select a host, click on the appropriate definition.

Printer name

This field is used to specify a name for the printer attached to the remote computer selected in the Host field.

Use as default printer

This check box allows you to define the printer you have just specified as the default LPR printer. It will be the current printer each time you start LPR.

Click on the Add button. The server/printer combination will be displayed in the Network printer list box to reflect the Host and Printer name fields you specified.

Make sure that your PC name is defined in the /etc/hosts.equiv file or the /etc/hosts.lpd file on the host UNIX system. If there is no entry in the /etc/hosts.equiv file or /etc/hosts.lpd file for the user and the user tries to print a file, LPR responds with the host error message that the user has no access to the line printer. Also, the Page width setting must correspond to the remote printer.

Deleting a Network Printer

To remove a remote printer definition from the Network printer list, select an appropriate server/printer combination from within the Network printer list box and then click on the Delete button. The definition selected will disappear and the printer will become unavailable for use with LPR.

You can select and delete more than one printer at once.

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