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The lpr.inf file

The lpr.inf file supplied with the package contains six commands (for more details see Request For Comments #1179):

f - Print formatted file

This command causes the data file to be printed as a plain text file, providing page breaks as necessary. Any ASCII control characters that are not in the following list are discarded: HT, CR, LF, FF, and BS.

l - Print file leaving control characters

This command causes the specified data file to be printed without filtering the control characters (as is done with the 'f' command).

o - Print PostScript output file

This command prints the data file to be printed, treating the data as standard PostScript input.

p - Print file with 'pr' format

This command causes the data file to be printed with a heading, page numbers, and pagination. The heading should include the date and time that printing was started, the title, and a page number identifier followed by the page number. The title is the file name as specified by the 'N' command, unless the 'T' command (title) has been given. After a page of text has been printed, a new page is started with a new page number. (There is no way to specify the length of the page.)

r - File to print with FORTRAN carriage control

This command causes the data file to be printed, interpreting the first column of each line as FORTRAN carriage control. The FORTRAN standard limits this to blank, "1", "0", and "+" carriage controls.

v - Raster file

This command causes the data file to be printed with no data conversion.

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