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ProNFS is NFS client and server for windows by Labtam. High performance file sharing connectivity while enhancing your network performance and access. Visit Home of ProNFS for more information.

Starting and Terminating Startup

You can start the Startup program by double-clicking on the Startup icon in the ProNFS Programs' folder:

The Startup window will appear on your display:

You can then enter information required to run remote commands into the window (see Entering Startup Info below).

Once you have done this, you can execute commands or run startup files on a host as it described in the next section.

In order to terminate the Startup program, click on the Exit button.

Running a Startup File

A startup file consists of one or more ASCII lines. Each line may contain one or more executable commands on the host. Use your text editor to create the file in the ProNFS's home directory. All startup files have to have the .SU extension.

In order to execute instructions from any startup file, specify a name for the file you want to run and press the Execute button (see the Command Box section below).

Executing a Command/File

When you execute a command or startup file (remotely), the following takes place:

  • The login information in the User ID, Host, and Password fields will be used to make a connection.

  • The command in the Command field or in the startup file will be sent to the host with the name or IP address specified in the Host field. If the command starts a client, the client session will commence. The initial socket will be closed after the amount of time specified in the Exit after Timeout of field. Note that different lines of a startup file will spawn different processes.

  • If Log File has been checked, host or command messages will be saved in a log file for the amount of time specified in the Exit after Timeout of field.

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