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Using ComSetup

You can start ComSetup by clicking on the Settings item in the ProNFS Programs' folder (i.e., from the Start/Programs/ProNFS menu).

The Settings window will appear on your display:

The File/Open menu item of the Settings window lets you choose an .ini file (xwp.ini by default), then load its settings and make them current for applications to run. You can edit the settings before running your applications.

The File/Save as menu item of the Settings window lets you choose an .ini file (xwp.ini by default) to save current settings.

The Close menu item of the Settings window simply closes it.

By clicking Apply, any new settings you make to the Communication Setup tab will be saved in the xwp.ini file (by default).

The following sections are available:

The Communication Setup Tab

The following input fields are available:

Hosts File

This field is used to specify a location of the hosts file. You must enter the hosts file that is used by MS Windows (C:\WinNT\System32\drivers\etc\hosts for MS Windows NT4/2000/XP and C:\Windows\hosts for MS Windows 9x/ME).

The hosts file is a list of remote computers in the standard format (IP-address hostname aliases). The contents of the hosts file will be used by other programs of the package when you want to select a host to connect to from the host list box.

WinSock DLL

This field specifies the DLL that provides Windows Sockets Interface to existing TCP/IP stack. By default, wsock32.dll of the Microsoft Windows' TCP/IP will be used. You can specify to use any other TCP/IP stack by entering its 32-bit Windows Sockets Interface DLL.

Auto-start XwpPeg Package Watcher

With this check box enabled, the XwpPeg utility is started automatically with starting any package's application. Otherwise, you can launch XwpPeg manually.

Enable TCP/IP KeepAlive mode

This check box specifies the package's applications to use the TCP/IP feature, KeepAlive, when communicating with remote computers over your network. When enabled, this prevents your connection from interrupting by a remote computer when your PC does not send messages to it for a long time.

Enable Logotype

This check box toggles displaying the Logotype image each time the package's application starts up.

Disable Log Output

When selected, this check box prevents any program of the package from writing log information to the ".out" and ".ini" files.

Silent Bell

When enabled, this check box will block all sounds from all applications of the package (i.e., internal sounds and the TCP/IP protocol bell requests).

Not Warn to Save Settings

Normally, you should not forget to Apply your changes to a tab when you leave it.
If this check box is clear, then the warning will appear each time you take to another tab or section of the window.

The warning will not appear if you select the check box.


This button will initialise all these parameters to their default values.

The If non-single IP address Box

If your PC has more than one IP address (i.e. 'multi-home' PC with non-single TCP/IP stack, e.g. for Ethernet + modem), then you should specify a mode for choosing one of them.

Always Use the First IP address
Always Use the Last IP address

These modes allow ProNFS's programs to automatically choose the local IP address.

Ask to Choose

You can set up this mode to specify that you will choose the address in the box brought up by the programs. The default mode is Ask to Choose.

The TCP/IP Info Box


When you click on this button, ComSetup will search for available TCP/IP information and, if found, display in the info field the IP address and name of your PC according to mode settings.

Create 'sp_ghbn.out' Info file

If this check box is enabled, then all information found will be stored in the file. This allows you to check accessibility and obtain description of the TCP/IP stack used.

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