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Details of a Session

Clicking the Details button in the Telnet Connect Host dialog box will change it into the following form:

Clicking the Details button once more will change the dialog box into the short form.

Clicking the Settings button will display the Telnet Settings dialog box. (Refer to subsection The Settings Option in section The Options Menu.)

Pressing OK will store current settings (for the next session) and will establish a connection, using them.

You can cancel any changes you have made to the dialog box by clicking on Cancel. This will also close the dialog.

The Logging file Box

In the entry field, you can enter a name for the log file to store data for the session.

The Close Session on Exit Box

In this box, you choose a mode of closing your session.


In this mode, the session will always be terminated on exit or on Disconnect.

Restart on Exit

In this mode, the session will be restart on exit (i.e., by displaying the Telnet Connect Host dialog box).

Exit on Disconnect

In this mode, the session will be closed on Disconnect.

The ProFiles Box

In this box, you can manipulate with profiles (i.e., saved session settings).

In the ProFiles list, names of available profiles are displayed. In the entry field above, the name of the last loaded (by Load) profile is displayed.

When you start up the program, the settings of the last run are loaded from the ".." profile and are made as current settings. On closing a session, its current settings are automatically stored in the ".." profile. You can Save, Load, and View this profile, but cannot Delete it. Note that Load will change its contents.


In the entry field, you can type in a name for the profile you want to save. The Save button saves current settings in the profile specified and adds its name to the Profiles list.


This button loads the profile you select from the Profiles list, makes its settings as current ones, and displays its name on the entry field.


This button will delete the profile selected from the Profiles list.


This button displays in Notepad the profile (i.e., its set of settings) you select from the Profiles list.

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