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The Quote Tab

The Quote tab allows you to communicate with a FTP server in a command line mode while your connection to the server is active.

To dismiss the Quote dialog, just select another tab from the main TabForm.

Determining Commands the FTP Server Supports

Different FTP servers can support different subsets of available FTP commands. This may cause a server to be unable to execute certain commands.

To determine commands your FTP server supports:

  1. Choose Show commands supported by the server.

  2. Press Enter.

    A list of commands supported by that server will be displayed in the Response field.

Getting Help on a Command

You can get help for any individual command.

To get help for a specific FTP command:

  1. Choose Get help on command and enter the name for the command in the input field.

  2. Press Enter.

    The FTP server's help for that command will be displayed in the Response field.

Sending a String to the FTP Server

You can forward a command directly to the FTP server to execute it.

To send a string:

  1. Make sure your current local/remote directories are as you need.

  2. Enter a command with proper arguments in the input field.

  3. Press Enter to execute the command

    A response from the server will be displayed in the Response field.

Note: commands that require a data connection, such as STOR, NLST, and LIST, will not work with the current version of the FTP utility.

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