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Performing File Transfer

A file transfer downloads files from a remote machine to your local PC, or uploads files from your machine to a remote one. You can also delete and rename files on, and append files to, a remote machine.

Before any file transfers can take place between your machine and the desired server, the server's information must be entered. When connection is open, FTP allows you to perform directory and file management operations on the remote computer. FTP allows you to perform basic directory and file management operations on your PC as well. If no connection to a remote computer is open, FTP will then recognize local commands only.

While you are connected, you can perform a number of tasks on the FTP server, using various server options.

Next you can select files for transfer. Based on the files you have selected, you set up transfer options. Transfer options control the format of the file transfer, and whether you will be prompted before operations. With transfer options set, you can perform file management operations.

While transferring multiple files, each copy is given the same name as the original. Filenames are sent in lowercase.

When you are done, you can disconnect from the FTP server.

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