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Mounting an NFS File System under MS Windows 9x/ME

Before you can mount an NFS exported file system as a network drive:

  • your host name must be defined in the hosts database on the NFS server from which you want to mount a file system

  • the file system that you are trying to mount must be an exported directory on the remote system

  • you require the appropriate permission to mount and access the particular file system.

NFS-Client can mount drives from Microsoft Explorer or through the Network Neighbourhood application.

Mounting in Network Neighbourhood

To mount an exported file system as a network drive in Network Neighbourhood:

  1. Point the cursor to the exported network folder that you wish to mount and right click the mouse button

  2. Select the Map Network Drive command

  3. From the Drive: pull down list box, select the drive letter you wish to associate with the new file system.

Disconnecting a Currently Mounted NFS

To disconnect a mounted file system, you can highlight the drive that you wish to disconnect and right click the mouse button to choose the Disconnect command.

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