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LabVault Version 1.0 Secure Data Store utility

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Product Overview

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“LabVault” is a software package that any user with a PC running under Windows 2000 or XP can keep all there secret information inside LabVault securely.

You can think of LabVault as a Bank with safety deposit boxes inside of it.

As we know that with safety deposit boxes we can put in our own personal belongings we want to protect away from Intruders and keep them safe.

The difference with “LabVault” is that we can save any information from our computer such as e-mail’s, passwords, Bank account information, source codes or any other information that you want kept securely.

Anything can be kept inside LabVault which will be protected from any third party if your computer gets stolen or you computer is "hacked".

All information is encrypted when it enters LabVault. There will be no lose of information should your computer turn off.

A second level safety feature is present that if there is an error on the password on the third attempt, LabVault will ask for PUK number (like Mobile/Cell phones have). At this time there's no limit in attempts to enter the PUK code.

Please note here that there are no back doors to get the information out from LabVault. The only way to enter LabVault is with the correct password. LabVault can only be as safe as the password you set. There are no limitations to the number of letters or characters you enter in as a password. We strongly recommend a mixture of letters and numbers to decrease the risk of your information being "hacked". NB: The minimum password length is 4 characters.

If you loose your password and PUK number, please do not call or ask us for help. We are unable to help as there are no back doors into LabVault. It is important that you remember your password to enter LabVault.

LabVault uses a very simple and user friendly graphical interface. It uses simple one step clicks when storing your information.

LabVault is a free product that you download from our web site ( The Vault will have a Limitation of holding 1Mb of information.

If you require more room for storage inside the Vault, you will be required to buy a license from us.

We would also welcome any feedback from customers. If you have any suggestions or comments to make about this product, please e-mail them to:

Product PAD-files are available here.

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