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Labtam provides technologies to deliver information and resources to all windows based PC desktops. Our software solutions for X-Server, FTP, NFS and SSH are designed to provide the highest possible performance, reliability, ease of use and installation.

Please select which product you want find more information about:

XSecurePro - Secure X-Server for windows with SSH encryption.
XSecurePro64 - 64bit X Server.
XConnectPro - Advanced X-Server for windows with NFS and XDK.
XLitePro - X-Server software.
ProNFS - NFS client and server for windows.
ProSSHD - SSH client and server for windows.
ReMapPro - Comport utility for TCP/IP connections.
VPortPro - VPortPro-client with Com Port Control.
DuplexDr - “Virtual Serial Port Pairs” Utility.
SSHPro - SSH client for windows.
ProFTP - FTP client for windows.
LabVault - Secure Data Store utility.

Product PAD-files are available here.

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