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Service pack for VPortPro V2.2 (release 20060612)

Service pack for VPortPro V2.2 (release 20060612)
Service pack release date: 10-02-06

Who should download the SP:
The service pack files are for users who have bought an VPortPro V2.2 license file. For users who have not bought the latest VPortPro V2.2 license file, please first buy an upgraded license file before downloading the server pack (either an Upgrade if you are an existing user and a new license if you are a new user).


The following enhancements have been made
1. Virtual COM Port Driver:

  • Implemented the Data Carrier Detected (DCD) virtual serial port "state".
    2. COM Port Redirector and COM Port Redirector Service:
  • The "SYNC"/"ASYNC" modes are controlled by the new "Record synchronization mode" setting from the "Configure" dialog.
  • The DCD virtual serial port "state" is implemented as follows: a) DCD is Off (as was before this version); b) DCD is On (Default); c) DCD is controlled by DTR (as in NULL Modem Cable). Available only in the RFC2217 mode; d) DCD is turned On when client connects to server, and DCD is turned Off after client disconnects from server.

    The following bugs have been fixed
    1. Virtual COM Port Driver:
  • Abnormal termination of the executable prevented correct closing of opened Virtual COM-ports.
    2. COM Port Redirector and COM Port Redirector Service:
  • Executables may crash when heavy traffic (with very often connect/disconnect events) took place.
  • The "Enable Reconnection" left out of account sometimes that prevented reconnection.

    Installation instructions:
    Please download the corresponding service pack to your PC and execute it.


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