The adult industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and a large portion of that is the technology behind it. While the industry itself doesn’t have anyone’s goal, it can be said that at its core, it is to provide pleasure to viewers of adult entertainment. So, it makes sense that technology is always trying to find better ways to do that.

Here are some of how the adult industry influenced the technology

  • Adult Industry On Movies

The adult industry has always been a driver of innovation, and it’s no different with the advent of the internet. With the adult industry being one of the largest markets for new technology, it’s natural that adult movies would be amongst some of the first to be shot using new technology. Since the early days of the internet with nude pics, adult movies have been shot using both standard cameras and webcams, which have been upgraded over time.

While the adult entertainment industry isn’t a major economic force like Hollywood or the music industry, it is an important part of the creative economy. Technology has been key to adult entertainment for the past century, and with the introduction of streaming video, it is now a major force in driving innovation. From motion pictures to online video, the adult entertainment industry has helped to push technology in new directions.

  • Adult Industry On Short Films

Short films are usually kept to the domain of young filmmakers, but this is changing. Adult film companies finally realize that high production value content with A-List talent can be used to promote their movies. 

The adult industry is often pushing technology to evolve, but it is now taking a slightly different route to showcase what it can do. With the rise of social media, it’s easier than ever to share videos online, so why not use that content for marketing your products?

  • Adult Industry Closed Captioning

Captioning is the process of converting a video into a textual equivalent for the purposes of accessibility. It can take the form of subtitles for the hearing impaired or a transcript for anyone to follow what’s happening in the video. 

Captioning itself is an accessibility feature, as it allows those who aren’t able to hear to understand still what’s happening in a video. The adult industry was an early adopter of this tech and has become a world leader in advances inaccessible video.

  • Adult Industry In The Internet

Adult entertainment has always been at the forefront of technological advancement. Take, for example, the spread of VHS and Betamax as the home video formats of choice in the 1980s, the widespread adoption of the internet in the 1990s, or, more recently, the growth of user-generated content. These technologies were all innovated and popularized by the adult entertainment industry.

The adult industry wants to see the internet become a safer place for its members. They want the internet to be regulated so that their members are protected from the hackers they fear, and they want the internet to be behind the curve when it comes to pornography so that they can maintain their market share. In the years ahead, the adult industry should be keeping an eye on emerging technology to make sure that they are a part of it and are driving it.

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